Friday, February 24, 2017


Hello, everyone! How are you? 
Oh, dear, I haven't been here since last SPRING! I can't believe it, but there's no doubt I've forgotten a little about my english page... To begin with, I would like to share some photos of me and my friends, in this winter. And I hope I'll keep writing here...constantly :) 
Have a nice weekend!


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bilingual exam

Yes, I've decided, I am going to take (or not to take, never say never :-? ) this exam. I am not a performer, but there is a way for everything you want. I speak english less than I understand it :) . I have listened to some books in english, books that I read before, so I understood the words. For example (dont laugh), I've learned that "Be easy" means..."Be calm/keep calm" or whatever ("stai calm" mai exact :))) ). 

At school, my teacher helped us:she gave us books for olympics. I am afraid at word building, because...I usually hear the built word :) , but it is not always the right too. 

I must confess :) - I am afaraid of the writing exam than the oral one...But, thanks God, I have faith that everything is really going to be aaaalright :) .
Have a blessed weeeek! ❤

P. S. : I will try to be more active on this blog. I think it missed me at least as much as I missed it. :))
P. P. S.: I am going to show you some photos...  from Iași, a city in my country. I was there for a competition...

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dream world

I have always wanted to have my own library. But this is a dream, all of us have a dream more or less realistic :) . 

I like books by Alexandre Dumas, I read 17 books by him, if I remember right. I had forgotten how much I like reading books, then I have read recently 2 chapters from "After 20 years" and "The Count of Monte-Cristo". I have just proposed or this winter holiday to re-read "The Count of Monte-Cristo", even this one...

At the same time, I remembered how the cartoons makes me happy... In Disney's cartoons it's a magic world, and I feel that I pass in every detail of there.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Helpful or helpless?

Theese days I had a problem: one of my neighbours has been moved. I can't understand : why? I can't imagine my future near the block without her. I cried so much for her, I'm still trying accustom with this. It's hard, but I'm still keeping my hopes high. A friend told me that all the problems as this one shape our souls, our hearts, our behaviour. If we haven't problems, we will be the same after 10 years, 20 years, 30 years... Yes, I know, it's hard to think about it when you can't even accept your situation! :) But if you think more about it....this "theory" is so deep. I enjoy thinking some when I will  smile again , I will be happy more than last years! ❤❤❤


Friday, February 27, 2015

What is "love"?

Love is a thing from God. All the commandments can be reduced to a single word: LOVE. Why the God made the world? From love. Why He forgive us every time when our soul fall in sin? From love. Why He want us happy? From love. 

And now, let's talk by the other side of things. Why men are proud? From loveless. Why do men kill? From loveless. Why men are stingy? From loveless.

I think love is the most important thing. I'm trying to love all the people. If I know that it can't be a total love, trying is a good step to become Saint. :)

Sometimes is hard to love, sometimes is hard to forgive. But God is always behind us and He help us to be better than we were.